Update Your Home With a Fireplace Installation

Rely on us for masonry services in Lenox, MA

Looking to add charm and a welcoming touch to your home? A fireplace installation is a great way to improve your home without sacrificing too much space. Morrison's Home Improvement provides top-notch masonry services in Lenox and Berkshire County, MA. If your existing fireplace is outdated or prefabricated, you can count on us to install a modern structure that will complement your interior design.

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Know the signs that you need a chimney repair

Don't take your chimney for granted. If it's damaged, it can lead to a variety of problems and can become a serious fire hazard.

Common signs that you need chimney repair services include:

  • White staining or rust - These may mean you have a moisture problem.
  • Cracked mortar joints - If the joints between your brickwork are damaged, it can lead to structural failure.
  • Shaling flue tiles - If pieces of your chimney accumulate at the bottom of your fireplace, it can cause a fire.

Don't let chimney problems go unnoticed. Contact us today to arrange for dependable chimney repair services.