Worried About Runaway Pets?

Ask us about Tiger Wire installation services for durable screens in Lenox, MA

You don't have to settle for the endless cycle of installing, repairing and replacing standard screens when your pets damage them. You can choose Tiger Wire screens in Lenox, MA. Morrison's Home Improvement is the exclusive dealer of Tiger Wire screens in our area, and we provide excellent Tiger Wire installation services.

You can use these strong screens to pet-proof your:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Porch
  • Catio

You can also skirt your deck with them to keep large pests out from beneath the deck. Ask our general contractor for a free estimate on your pet-proofing project today.

What sets Tiger Wire screens apart from the rest?

Not all screens are created equal. While some screens are designed to keep out bugs, Tiger Wire screens are designed to stand up to:
  • Jumping dogs
  • Scratching cats
  • Gnawing pests

They also contribute to a good cause. We donate a portion of all our Tiger Wire sales to the Berkshire Humane Society. Talk with us right away to plan your Tiger Wire installation.