What Our Fans Have To Say!

We were thoroughly impressed and pleased with our Morrison Home Improvement experience, from the first visit we made to the showroom until the last worker leaving the job site upon project completion. The crew of people that were part of the process were professional, talented, skilled, responsive, and just plain nice. We would recommend Morrison's to anyone. Thanks!
- Michael
December 2023

"We would recommend Morrison's to anyone."


We had a power surge that destroyed our 36" oven and there was no option to replace the oven except to purchase a range. The oven cabinet and gas cooktop had to be removed, the granite countertop had to be cut and the plumbing and electricity service had to be re-routed to accommodate the range which Morrisons home improvements were able to do. They were able to fit us into their schedule and able to work around the schedules of the appliance delivery and installation team so that we were able to use our kitchen up to the time the new range arrived. They did a beautiful job and we were happy to have them in our area. I would definitively use them again.
- Stevan

"They did a beautiful job."


Dear Steve,

Wow, we still can't stop eyeballing our new kitchen (and I can't stop massaging the countertops)! We feel like we won the lottery. Such quality work and a beautiful outcome.

In fact, Roger and I were in Home Depot the other day and went past the kitchen cabinets we once looked at longingly. But now, we noticed the cheap materials and ugly design compared to what we have. They say you get what you pay for and our kitchen is designed with every beautiful bell and whistle while not going totally overboard.

We want to let you know how much we appreciate your amazing daughter Ashley who took our fantasy images of our kitchen and designed one to closely match. She was accessible, friendly, knowledgeable, and very creative throughout the whole process.

Your team are top-notch skills people. Aaron and Ray were excellent teammates who stayed on task, while also being very friendly. We enjoyed having them around and now miss our morning greetings from them. Both of them have deep knowledge and skills about all things construction and we could count on them to get the job done.

We have, like many people, been burned in the past by contractors. Once was when we were renovating our only full bathroom in our first house. I was 8 months pregnant, and the contractor kept getting pulled on other jobs. Finally, the contractor's wife said they must put in the toilet at least because I kept having to stumble down the stairs in the middle of the night to go pee often, as pregnant women tend to do. It took them over 3 months to complete a job that should have taken them 1 month.

You and your crew renewed our faith in contractors. You were honest with your scheduling. You were accurate with the delays in the supply chain. Your team was on our job until completion. It was started and finished in the time we expected it to be done except for one small piece of trim that was on backorder for a while. But once that came in, Ray came over to install the piece and completed the job beautifully.

And then there was you, Steve. You are the king of Long Island, and really made our experience delightful. We enjoyed bantering with you and spending time with you and your dog Lenox in your showroom. You have set up a great, inviting environment to greet clients and we felt very welcome there.

Renovating a house can be a very challenging life experience, from laying out a lot of money to trusting someone to see your vision for your home. You and your team made this an excellent experience, from soup to nuts.

We hope to work with you again on our bathrooms. Meanwhile, while we will continue to play the lottery, we want you and your team to know how grateful we are for a job well done.

Warm regards,

Laura and Roger

"We feel like we won the lottery."


We had a walk-in shower added to our first floor bathroom, it was worth the wait. The shower came out amazing. The carpenters, plumbers, electricians and project manager were awesome. Everyone at Morrison Home Improvement is professional and really wants to make sure their customers are happy. I definitely recommend Morrison Home Improvement.

- Mary H.

"Really wants to make sure their customers are happy"


Morrison's has done an incredible job renovating our almost 30 year old kitchen. All of the people who worked on this project were very experienced and focused on completing their services. The redesign of this room as
developed by Anna Z. was so thoughtful and really was the central part of this project. Although a bit longer time line to completion than we expected, we have been so pleased with the results!

- Maryann F.

"So pleased with the results!"


I have had the most terrific experience with Morrison's. In the spring of 2022, I dropped in at the showroom on Route 7, just planning to get some contact information to set up an appointment. Imagine my very pleasant surprise that Steve Morrison, accompanied by the adorable Lenox the Dog, immediately came out to talk with me. That the start of a really excellent remodeling of my kitchen and three bathrooms, along with the update/design of three closets at my townhouse home in Great Barrington.

Ashley developed a beautiful design which superbly dealt with numerous challenges of my dinky, run-down 20 year old kitchen. I needed more storage space, more counter space, and appliances which were more space efficient. The result was a truly exquisite plan. In July, 2022, we selected custom cabinets and finishes.

Steve and Ashley kept in touch in the intervening months and Tom, the project manager, updated me on the schedule. The work began in March, 2023. The team of Ray and Aaron arrived and the demolition and installation process moved ahead. These two guys were wonderful - they showed up on time, proceeded through the project and were meticulous in keeping my home clean. At several points in this process, I was out of town and I had complete confidence that my home would be well taken care of.

Within eight weeks, most of the project was finished. The team completed most of the big parts of the project and were really considerate in making sure I had running water and a working toilet while the work proceeded. They really made it easy for me to stay in my home for the duration.

The only major challenge was a problem with the order for the master bathroom cabinets but I can attest that Ashley and Steve were very conscientious in resolving the issue and getting replacement cabinet doors made and installed. The result is beautiful!

Steve called regularly to check in with me and I could happily tell him that all was going very well.

Everyone who has visited my home since the remodeling - I love showing off this renovation - raves about the beauty of the work, the perfection of the design, and how well the design works with the available space.

I was so happy with Morrison's work that I hired them to replace my leaky, warped windows and again, the job moved ahead very smoothly and I now looking forward to a warm and comfy winter and lower heating bills.

There is a reason why you see Morrison's Contractors signs all over the Berkshires and why they win awards year after year. It is amazing to me that with all of the projects they have going on - many of which I am sure are bigger than mine - that they can provide such superb individualized personal service.
Morrison's probably was not the cheapest company I could have used, but for me, having all of the project management and design work off my shoulders and handled so smoothly really was worth it. I would recommend Steve, Ashley, and the entire team to anyone planning a construction/remodeling project. It was a marvelous experience.

Mal Wasserman
Great Barrington

" It was a marvelous experience."


Dear Steve,

Just a few words to share our thoughts about our great experience with the Morrison's team...

Finding a reputable contractor during these challenging times can be quite an anxiety producing experience! Despite all the surrounding angst (supply chain issues, the ever presence of COVID, etc.) we were thrilled to find that Morrison's rose above all these trials and tribulations.

From the first day we met you at the office and started to formulate the plans for our new three season room and deck renovation, to the final "thank you" letter we received from you, our experience has ben a great one.

In thinking back broadly, the most outstanding quality that we saw was your incredible customer service and your commitment to quality-we never doubted your devotion to our satisfaction at every step.

Project manager, Tom, immediately instilled a sense of trust and professionalism in us. He was our first "go-to" project leader, and right away, he was able to answer our questions, to keep us informed about the project deliverables and deadlines, and the schedule details-right down to the delivery of the dumpster and porta-potty! Tom was the face of the business until our on-site team arrived, when we had the pleasure of meeting Matt, our on-site project leader.

Matt is an amazing craftsman, and an amazing human being. He cared for us and for our project as if it were his own. He had the authority to make on-site decisions, he addressed concerns as they arose, and he added his creative craftsman's touch at many junctures. Because of the location of the septic system, we had specific deck design requirements, and Tom/Matt team figured out a solution. When we redesigned the deck plan midway through the project, Matt and Tom were able to accomplish and redesign economically, which left us with a much more functional and beautiful deck. It came out even better than we had imagined!

Along the way, we had many great work crew members, always professional, kind, and respectful. They were diligent and hardworking. Because of the uncertain times, there were supply shortages and delivery delays, but because of Tom and Matt and the crew, we were kept informed with minimal surprises.

We need to say just one thing about Matt's attitude. In addition to being a fine craftsman, he always had the most upbeat and positive attitude possible. Every day was a good day when we saw Matt's smiling face ( not to mention his singing voice!). It was always fun to hear Matt singing along to the radio above the sounds of the saws and drills., and his perpetual good mood always seemed to carry over to the crew and to the customer! That we will never forget! And speaking about "service above self, "when we were away one weekend, matt even brought our trash cans up from the curb, and that's a long driveway! It was, all-in-all, just a wonderful experience!

Steve, from the very beginning, you talked about your amazing team...about their competence and professionalism, about their commitment to customers and their work, and all that proved to be 100% true. We want to thank you, too for your frequent check-ins with us, and basically for keeping your promises.

In closing, we have a beautiful new deck and 3 season sunroom. We chose the right team, Morrison's, and we will not hesitate to call you again, or to refer our friends and families to you.

With great thanks and respect,

Bobbie O. and Terry E.

"We chose the right team, Morrison's"


Dear Steve and the rest of the team at Morrison's,

We wanted to take a moment to express our genuine appreciation and thanks for all the work that was done on our home. As you know, our house suffered a huge amount of damage as the result of a pipe burst in January of '22 and essentially needed to be gutted and restored. After working unsuccessfully with another contractor who pulled out of the job, we found Morrison's and were immediately impressed by the level of professionalism, courtesy, and skill that the team brought to the project. Specifically, we would like to thank Anna and her beautiful designs for our kitchen and bath; Stephanie in the office for her timely communications and record keeping; Tom for managing the challenges of an unexpected renovation in the era of COVID related supply chain issues; and the skilled labor, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that Aaron and Ray brought to the project. While we did not interact with the flooring and other subcontractors directly, their work is also very much appreciated. Thank you, also, to Steve who not only was able to put us at ease with the scope and scale of the project but was able to give us some great advice on navigating the insurance side of the equation. Without the team at Morrison's I'm not sure if this project would have ever been complete - and certainly not at such a high quality level.

Thank you for giving us our home back and making it possible for us to continue on with our lives.

Adam and Kurt
Pittsfield, Ma.

"Thank you for giving us our home back"


Another well done construction project. We needed to convert a three-season sunroom into a four-season living space. This required reinforcement of the foundation, gutting, insulating, and wiring the existing space with new fixtures, new flooring, new windows on three walls, new window and door casings and new paint.

Steve, Tom, and crew were responsive to our many questions and concerns and provided the feedback needed to reassure us.

We appreciate their hard work in providing us with our dream panoramic, scenic river view that we always knew could be achieved.

We would recommend Morrison's Home Improvements for all of your dream home projects!

"We would recommend Morrison's Home Improvements for all of your dream home projects!"



Morrison's has done three different projects for me in the last few months. They repaired siding that had been torn apart by a falling tree branch. They roofed our barn and replaced three windows that were quite old. All done with professionally and with care.

Wendy Mackey
Richmond, Ma.

"All done with professionally and with care."


April 10, 2023

The house is beautiful. Better than expected. I would like to thank everyone who worked on the house.

To start with: Tom, my major contact, who did a great job coming up with new ideas, keeping me informed of progress made on the house, and discussing changes made along the way. And, Ashley, who came up with some excellent ideas o design and color schemes.

I would like to thank all the workers. Unfortunately, I only know Les, by name. They did excellent work and made useful suggestions along the way. Everything was done exactly as expected, if not better. During my final inspection, I kept saying to myself, what could have been done better. The answer is nothing. A 22-year-old house looks like it is brand new. And, they were clean and I never had to do a big cleaning job after them.

Thank you for a fantastic job!
Curt Pader
Lenox, Ma.

"A 22-year-old house looks like it is brand new"


Morrison's handled 3 projects for us during 2022. We had the house painted, new windows installed & a new kitchen.

They did a great job on all 3 projects, but the kitchen is just like the " icing on the cake." Our home & kitchen are small. However, every effort was made to give us a beautiful & functional new kitchen without changing the footprint in our home. Ashley did a wonderful job helping me figure out my design "style." Ray & his helpers & subcontractors kept at the job through thick & thin with supply chain issues, the flu, end of the year holidays, etc., etc.

And, Ray & all of the workers were always patient & kind to Paul, who despite many medical issues was always interested in the progress of the kitchen project.
We both love our new kitchen & have other projects we will be asking Morrison's to handle for us.

Meryl & Paul Delasco
Lenox Dale

"They did a great job on all 3 projects"


Little did we know, when Matt introduced himself as the job boss on our porch and deck renovation, how lucky we were that he was our lead. His smiling, cheerful greetings began each day perfectly, and were possibly only outmatched by his carpentry craftsmanship and expertise! We made very few decisions without checking with him first, and he made our vision come true. Each day, we looked forward to hearing Matt's tenor as he sang along to radio tunes, and we thought aloud "How lucky we are to have someone who loves his work so much!" He became known to us as the singing carpenter! He led a great team of other skilled professionals. We are so happy that we chose Morrisons, but especially thank you for sending us Matt!

Bobbie & Terry

"How lucky we are to have someone who loves his work so much!"


Hi Bill and Crew,

The guys finished up today, over the last 30 months or so, I was able to use the radio auction to do all the windows except picture window and two others. I did save about 5250.00 off the five windows installed and the other three paid for were a great price. The work and communication you guys provided was top notch and no BS involved at any time during the last 30 months or about that many. I guess I spent 7500.00 but did save upward of 5 grand. Two windows is a small job at a time, but you hit the ball out of the park. I hope my word of mouth talking with people brings you plenty of business. Through Covid and all the health issues everyone has and the economy at times, I sure as hell got my moneys worth and then some, I would guess there has been little made on your side with my windows. I will reach out next time I need a project done, maybe retaining wall or new shower/tub surround, of course once I get my son through college so maybe a couple of years.

If I could ask to grab a stack of business cards some time to pass along to everyone I talk with about home repairs and remodels. Thanks again for being spot on always and especially communicating every step of the way. I usually do not write to businesses or reviews, but simply put, you guys say what you do and do what you say.

Paul Monterosso
Pittsfield, Ma.

"I hope my word of mouth talking with people brings you plenty of business"



Dear Steve;

I am writing to thank you and your crew for the professional and functional work they did renovating a bathroom, sunroom and kitchen over the past year.

Any renovation has its disruptions, but the crew did exemplary work making sure that things stayed clean, orderly, and as functional as possible throughout.

It all started with Ashley, who narrowed down dizzying choices to a few simple decisions. She "got me" quickly, and always suggested design alternatives that were ones that I found interesting and workable.

But the big praise is for Ray - he is an exceptional craftsman in the traditional sense, always taking time to do things right, coming up with great solutions to the inevitable hiccups, and having an eye for detail that is truly to be praised. He and Aaron, who joined Ray with gusto on the kitchen project were so attuned to the things that mattered most, and they completed the work so very professionally.

Ray was a joy to have on the project - he brought in and directed a number of wonderful subs, keeping things humming along.

This was a big series of projects. Now that they are finished, it looks like my home has always been this way, and I have you, Ray, Aaron, Ashley and Tom to thank.

After our first project with you a couple of years ago, I was anxious to get this current project under way, and have been so very pleased with every aspect.

Thank you and your amazing team for their work and kindness. And tell Ray and Aaron they can always stop over for baked goods any morning. There's always something just out of the oven for you guys.

With best wishes of the season and my deep appreciation,

Ellen Spear

"Thank you and your amazing team for their work and kindness."


November 21. 2022

Dear Steve,

When we left New York to turn a 1910 Lenox farmhouse into our primary residence, we knew we would need a special contractor to help us achieve our vision for our new home. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to find Morrison's Home Improvement, the best general contractor in the Berkshires! From our first meeting, we were impressed by how carefully you listened to our thoughts about renovating our home. What's more, you brought a lot of fresh ideas and practical experience to the table which helped refine our vision.

While you hear a lot of horror stories about the challenges of a major home renovation, we found the process of working with you and your team seamless and enjoyable. It was clear from the start that you've built an exceptional team who share your commitment to excellence. Over the course of seven months, we came to appreciate everyone at Morrison's. However, we do want to recognize some special members of the team who made the process more comfortable for us.

Tom did a fine job as project manager. He was always available to answer our questions and kept us well informed as the work progressed with real time photos. Anna was a delight to work with on creative design decisions and was a great help in mastering the many little details that that make for a harmonious whole. As for the day-to-day work of addressing the unforeseen challenges presented by an old building, John and Les were exceptional. We literally marveled everyday at their craftsmanship and commitment to old fashioned hard work. Ashley and Stephany did a great job of managing the financial issues and keeping us informed overall.

Through it all, your leadership, commitment to customer satisfaction and friendship helped turn our dreams into reality. We could not be more grateful to Morrison's for transforming our old house into our new home.

With our warmest regards and appreciation,

Laurie and Joe Porter

"We knew we would need a special contractor"



We are so thankful for the professional care that was given to the roof that was done at our home. I recommend this business fully. Our roof was done on the exact date that it was promised by Jeff. Stephanie in the office was always available for all of my questions and a great partner in the process. As we were deciding on which company we would use, the owner, Steve, even called to explain his dedication to the process. The whole team was so amazing. We were so lucky to have found them!

Deirdre Corcoran Foote
Becket, Ma.

"We are so thankful"



Dear Morrisons,

We love, love our windows!! From the start the process was very smooth. The men that came were courteous and professional.

Thank you all,
Bob & Maureen A.
Great Barrington

"From the start the process was very smooth."



I'm writing to tell you about how pleased I am about the work rendered at my home at 211 Main Street. Pleased is the understatement of the century, because I am over the moon about the results. I want to make you aware of some of the steps it took to get here.

In December of 2021, I met with your team to review my ideas for the bathroom. Ashley, who is incredibly politic and with a great eye, had an idea to do a tile feature wall, something I've come to learn has MADE the bathroom. Her patience with me while I chose fixtures well above my budget and worked with me to make sure we stayed on track while also keeping with my vision was incredible. She doesn't know this, but I not-so-secretly want to be her friend.

In June of 2022, work started but it wasn't without hiccups. Our initial plan had to be reworked due to the slope of the floor. The team quickly came together on a Friday afternoon to review our options and we were able to pivot quickly, not losing time on moving forward.

Every morning, at 7a on the dot, my kids would squeal with excitement because "the workers" were there and that meant progress. Working from home during said progress was easier than I anticipated. Having strangers, even though they weren't strangers for long, in your house while you're in your pajamas can take some getting used to! But after a couple weeks, we looked forward to having them there everyday.

The first week in July, I had an accident and was no longer able to climb the stairs. John and Les checked on me and it felt like I had extra care in a time when I was really upset about how much pain I was in and what the outlook was. Having what felt like a couple extra dad's around was a blessing in disguise.

All in all, I am so happy about the entire experience and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm plotting future projects and can't wait to be calling on you again. Thank you for being an incredible partner in this process. I'll be looking forward to touting your expertise all over town.

Dana and family

"I am over the moon about the results"


To Steve and the entire Morrison Team,

When we needed our roof replaced in 2020, my husband's choice was Morrison Home as he saw numerous trucks and signs in and around the neighborhood with their logo. And we instantly knew we made the right choice. The roof was replaced in one day and there was not on piece of debris left on our property. Two years later when we wanted a kitchen "face lift" " and a new front deck, we knew exactly who would handle the job.

From start to finish, it was all done with us in mind. The price quoted was the price at the end. Steve Morrison continued to check in with us during the project, the incredibly talented Ashley did all the designing and recommendations, and the team of John and Les, painted, tiled, hammered and did everything needed with a sense of ease and skill. We could not have asked for a better experience. Both our kitchen, hand-crafted (by John) front closet doors and our new deck (thanks to Les) with its solar lights are the talk of the neighborhood.

All of our requests and suggestions were respected. Ashley created magic with her decorating prowess and took a simple request and turned our kitchen into a place that we will be proud to use and entertain in for many years to come.

Our only regret was the when the project was done, we would not begin our day with a warm hello from John and Les.

It was a pleasure working with all the members of the Morrison Family and you do indeed deserve the award of "Best Of the Berkshires".

All the very best.
Lorrin Kantor Krouss and Andrew Krouss

W. Stockbridge

"From start to finish, it was all done with us in mind."


Beth and I are reaching out to thank Ashley, Steve, Ray, and Aaron at Morrison's Home Improvement for the fabulous job renovating our kitchen and bath. Ashley couldn't have been nicer or more helpful in the planning and construction stage. A couple times during the construction a simple problem, question we had or a change in the plans at our request would arise and she was a simple phone call away. It was always handled quickly professionally and to our satisfaction causing no delay in the project.

What can I say about the crew. Ray and Aaron were astounding as a team. We were amazed at their work ethic and fantastic attitude thru out the project. No question or concern went unanswered or seemed trivial or bothersome to them. We won't forget Ray's infectious smile he brought to the job everyday. Their workmanship is beyond approach. As a company we thought you should be aware of the small treasure you have with these employees.

In closing we would like to say, Thank You. It was a real pleasure working with your entire team.

Best Wishes
Bill & Beth
The Tierneys
Lee, Ma.

"We won't forget Ray's infectious smile he brought to the job everyday."


To the Morrison "Family":

It is no wonder that your company has won the "Best of the Berkshires" award for so many years. From our first contact with you, we have had a wonderful experience. Regardless of who we interacted with, we were treated with respect, and we were given their undivided attention. Any question we had were dealt with immediately and pleasantly.

It is a delight to work with a company that is dedicated to giving first-class customer service. Stephany returned our calls promptly and was ready to solve any question we might have had. When our windows were installed; the workers were very professional, very neat, very punctual, and did a tremendous job! There are too many to mention, but John and Charlie were wonderful to work with.

Our only regret is that at this time we have no additional renovations needed on our home. However, when the time comes that work does need to be done, we will definitely call Morrison Home Improvement.

Thank you for a very positive experience. We truly appreciate each and every one of you we dealt with on this project.

With sincere thanks,
Rick and Nancy P.
Housatonic, Ma.
May 19,2022

"Regardless of who we interacted with, we were treated with respect, and we were given their undivided attention."



I'm writing to Thank You and your staff for completing the 242 Cole Avenue Front Porch Project. The
structure was built in 1890 with a front porch that was closed-in around 1946. All the windows were upgraded
from single pane to the KHPP Meridian double pane with heat mirror. It can only help reduce the fuel consumption
of this old house. The windows provide a considerable upgrade for a clear neighborhood view.

I'm really writing though to insure you are aware of the excellent work performed by John and Charles. It was
obvious from the start that they had worked together before (approx. 6 years). They were both industrious, focused
and knowledgeable. It was amazing that, what would have been major issues by most homeowners performing the
remodeling, were not even considered as issues by these two craftsmen. They both knew what had to be accomplished
each day and tended to the task with steady determination towards project completion.

Their focus was admirable and any question I may have had were answered with clear concise responses.
Their cleanup each day was quick without complaint, as John stated 'We leave the property as we would like to have
our property maintained by workers'. John's pre-project measurements were spot on, with minimal adjustments required during

One day Charles was placed on a previous job and Steve filled in for him. He really communicated with John on projects' goals and
expected appearances. Communication is an acquired skill between craftsmen, and it was clear they all worked towards a common goal....
a satisfied homeowner.

It was a joy and confidence builder to have your craftsmen working on my project.

Thank You all and Happy Holidays to you and your crew,

Paul A. Guillotte
Williamstown, MA
December 21, 2021

"It was a joy and confidence builder to have your craftsmen working on my project."


Dear Steve,

We would like to take this opportunity to both thank and compliment your team for the outstanding work on our home renovation. From the beginning, Ashley understood our vision and was so instrumental in designing the perfect kitchen for us. Her attention to detail and knowledge of what would or would not work in the layout of the space can be realized in the end result.

We'd be remiss not to mention the level of craftsmanship displayed by Steve, Brian, and crew. They were innovative, professional, and courteous, which was greatly appreciated. Throughout the renovation, their attention to detail put the exclamation on a job well done. Even their choice of background music while they worked was a perfect fit for us.

This was an amazing makeover from typical 1950s style kitchen to a modern day gathering space that will be a focal point for our family for years to come. For Laura this was an emotional transformation, as her father built this house, and to see it revived in this way brings joy in creating new memories.

We can't thank you enough for all you did to help make this project everything we hoped for and more.

Best Regards,

Laura & Lew Simeone
December 20, 2021

"Everything we hoped for and more"


Dear Colleague:

I want to take this opportunity to compliment your workers on a job well done. Everyone at the site
Was efficient, helpful, and careful. The workers were patient with my (sometimes naïve) questions and
Concerns, and they kept me informed at every step of the work. When my job was finished, they cleaned up carefully and let me know when to expect the removal of the dumpster and other accoutrements.

The office staff and Mr. Morrison were also helpful and quick to address my few concerns.

In short, I was very happy with my experience (as I was with my window replacements a couple of years ago), and I would not hesitate to recommend Morrison's for work around the house.

Ellen S. Beebe
December 15, 2021

"Helpful & Quick to Address my Concerns"


To: Steve, Tom, Ashley, Stephany & All the Folks at
"Morrison's Home Improvement Specialists" -

The beautiful, commercial glass door is opening fabulously...
The fixed pane windows in the sunroom are no longer
leaking air and the gap is totally closed marvelously.

Little Jack Horner is no longer crooked in the sunroom corner, your hydraulic pump cranked the huge beam & now -
ALL is in order...

Yes..." Big or Small," you do it all..."
& "Nothing is Impossible with the right attitude
And a Hammer."

So... Behold all the Glamour...& I'll try not to Stammer...
400 Rathbun Rd, I now call "Ontara" Place of the New Light,
Out on the deck, we'll have some chi tea and Danish to bite...
Put on some music & sit down your bum...
Because here at "Ontara", you gals and guys are always...

Paul - Poet, Author, Yogi
Cancer Researcher
December 14, 2021

"Beautiful Commercial Glass Door"


Dear Steve,

We want to let you know how much we appreciate the recent work you and your team did on our bathroom remodel and sun porch project this year. In particular, we would like to thank Ray Lewis and Aaron Tassone who handled the great majority of the work. We could not have wished for more competent, courteous, and friendly people to have working in our home.

One of the most important parts of a project like this is showing up, and Ray and Aaron were always there when they said they would be. There were a lot of pieces to our project and Ray and Aaron kept track of them all, making sure they were delivered in good shape and helping to locate and resolve any, missing parts. When there was a surprise (there are always surprises), they were able to figure out appropriate fixes and help us decide what to do. They know what the job was and how to do it, but if something didn't look or feel right, they were sure to check with us and offer solutions.

We would also like to thank Ashley who was always on top of everything, behind the scenes. She follows up and expedites with the tenacity of a bird dog! She is largely responsible for the lovely design and choice of products in the bathroom remodel.

We appreciate Steve Blanchard, Ashley and you who were instrumental in the successful design of the sun porch and Steve B. was always "Johnny-on-the-spot" when we had questions. Your sub-contractors are also terrific- James Dudas and sons, Rick DeGeorgis with Matt and Mike and Brian Gingras. Please also thank the other members of your teams who contributed including Stephany.

There were hiccups and supply chain delays along the way but everyone worked hard to problem-solve. Finally, Steve, we appreciate your cheerful check-ins by phone. You made sure we never felt "forgotten."

Everyone who comes by the house wants to know, "Who did this work?" Please know we have and will continue to recommend Morrison's Home Improvement to family, friends, and neighbors.

We hope you, your team and families remain safe and healthy.


Richard and Terrell
Lenox, Ma.
October 17, 2021

"Worked hard to problem-solve."


We were delighted with Morrison Improvement's work. We asked the company to do a major expansion of our screened porch so that it more than doubled in size and functioned as a three-season room. The final product came out even better than we had anticipated. The office staff, project managers, and workmen were all skilled, professional, and pleasant to work with, as were the subcontractors that they used. Every detail was done with painstaking care. While the project was delayed beyond the original due date, this was largely because of Covid-related delays in shipping certain materials. Once the materials arrived, they were promptly installed. We also asked the company to do a few smaller jobs around our house (replacing rotting wood on our deck; installing a railing, power washing the deck), and these were all done to our satisfaction.

Our thanks to Steve Morrison and everyone involved in bringing this project to completion. This three-season room will give our family many years of pleasure and has added value to our home.

Andy L. & Eva S.
October 11, 2021
Pittsfield, MA

"done to our satisfaction"


Very reliable and professional service. The estimate was reasonable and quoted in a timely fashion. I was updated by email about when my sliding glass doors would arrive and the steps that would happen afterwards. The installers arrived on time. They were Professional , polite and worked diligently until the project was finished. I would definitely recommend Morrison's Hone improvement. I will definitely be using them for other services.

Tina Karch
Dalton, Ma - October 2021

"Very reliable and professional service"


To Customers Considering Morrison's Home Improvement: For years, we held off remodeling our 40 year old but functional kitchen because we could not find a one stop design/build contractor until discovering via a referral and search Steve Morrison and the talented team at Morrison's Home Improvement. At initial discussion with Steve, it was so clear we had the right people for a complete kitchen remodel that we decided to concurrently renovate the primary bathroom. Beginning with concept outline, to beautiful design layout and inspiring product selection with designer Anna, to insightful ideas, solutions and consistent communication with outstanding project manager, Tom, tot he artful and expert "fit and finish" skill of lead carpenter, Johnny and Les, along with the patient and consistently friendly Jodie and Stephanie in the office who cheerfully took all our calls - this project was a pleasure. Our total kitchen and bath renovation far exceeded our expectations, was completed in a fair and timely manner during COVID-19 even with supply and manufacturing challenges, and within our budget scope.

The team at Morrison's Home Improvement re-imagined and splendidly elevated our old kitchen and small adjacent laundry area into a modern open, beautiful and imminently practical chefs kitchen and inclusive laundry that perfectly fits and flows with the look and feel of our cedar and pine home, and transformed the primary bathroom and small unused adjacent galley kitchen into an elegant spa bath oasis. The design, construction, installation and finish our our kitchen and bathroom are exceptional.

Notable examples of the details make the difference include:
Anna: determining the layout how to shift components by mere inches to allow high-end swing out shelving to utilize a blind corner; positioning cabinetry and appliances to maximize both cabinet and counter space and gracious kitchen symmetry; and opening a 4 inch filler to create the perfect location for cooks cutting boards - instead of taking valuable drawer space.

Tom: thoughtfully suggesting a bay window behind the kitchen sink which added marvelous visual depth and light to the kitchen; finding an innovative solution to a tile manufacture delay to maintain timely cabinet installation; and brilliantly figuring out how to get insulated film on a new blinds between the glass window in the primary bathroom so that it exceeded code requirements.

Johnny & Les: alertly identifying and communicating that we needed to replace the bathroom ceiling insulation due to unseen/unknown exterior incursion; expertly opening sufficient cabinet space to allow for the desired oversized Ruvati undermount kitchen sink; and perfectly designing the molding around the cutting board space so that opening flows seamlessly with the cabinetry.

And Steve, whose innovative design "water flowing from glass" was elegant solution for our primary bathroom glass shower wall adjacent to the 2-person soaking tub.

We look forward to utilizing Morrison's Home Improvement on future projects.

Steve Morrison has our contact information for reference if desired.

Bradley & Bonnie
July 2021

"The details make the difference"


Dear Morrison's,
We wanted to say how pleased we are with our garage roof and replacement windows. Please pass along our appreciation and thank you to both crews, as they both did a great job.
Everyone at Morrison's has been a pleasure to work with.

Ron & Nancy Robitaille
July 6, 2021 - Lee, Ma.

"Great Job"


Dear Jeff and Bill,
Kathryn and I would like to thank you for all the help you gave us in picking out and installing our windows. They came out beautiful. I want to thank Charles and Dean for the work they did too. They were both very polite and respectful of our home. They did everything and more for us. So, we want to thank the entire team for all that they did.

Thank you,
The Remillard's
July 1, 2021 - North Adams

"Polite & Respectful of our home"


Attn: Steve

I would like to bring your attention to the workers, Jon and Henry? who installed our windows. They were the most efficient and conscientious workers I've encountered in a long time. They worked nonstop and were very courteous listening to our questions, giving answers to whatever we inquired about.

I would recommend your company not just for the windows that we're completely satisfied with, but for the professional workers that were on top of the difficult job, they had to contend with.

Anna Senecal
June 2021 - Adams, MA

"Completely Satisfied"


We want to say what a wonderful job Morrison Home Improvement did on replacing our porch and attic windows. John and Charles did a superior job. They were professional, timely, tidy, and informative. We could not be more happy with the job they did. Love our new windows.

Mary and Ian Booton
May 29, 2021

"Wonderful Job"


Since these testimonials were a reason why we went with Morrison's to renovate our second home in the Berkshires, it's a pleasure now to write one of our own.

We're happy with the work overall -- bilco door/chimney repairs, interior painting, the bathroom facelift -- but the kitchen remodel is a masterpiece; you took a very homely and stale space and made it brilliant, alive with new light, with attractive new surface space, and innovative space for storage. We like dining out but this space makes us want to cook at home more! This job surpassed our expectations.

The communications leading up to and during the kitchen project were prompt and thoughtful, important since we were absent from the site for most of the work. This conscientiousness allowed us to feel that we were in good, trustworthy hands with your team.

Looking forward to the start of the next phase of the work: the installation of the wood stove and the full porch in the front of the house!

David and Scott
May 10, 2021

""Surpassed Our Expectations!"



I just wanted to send you a note to let you know we are enjoying our closed in porch. We were able to be out there earlier in the Spring and can be out there when the weather is not that great on the other side of the windows. We should have done this project years ago.

The guys did a great job and responded quickly for a couple of tweaks that needed to be done. They were courteous and professional. They had a challenge to deal with openings that were not square, etc., but everything came out really nice.

Art Langner
April 30, 2021

"Great Job & Responded Quickly!"


Mr. Morrison,
On April 12-14, 2021, Morrison's installed 12 replacement windows in our home. Work was performed by a group of 4 or 5 of your employees. Work included replacing windows and exterior trim. The crew was very professional and courteous. They were responsive to any questions we had during the process. We were very satisfied with the outcome.

Richard & Susan Beaupre
April 15, 2021

"Responsive & Professional!"


Just a quick note to let you know we love our bathroom renovation. Steve and Brian did an awesome job! It was quick, clean, and not disruptive at all. Our entire experience has been completely positive.

Thank you,
Dawn Fillio
March 2021

"Completely Positive"


As your renovation of our house is finishing, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job your team has done. We were nervous about doing a renovation from a distance as this is our vacation home, but everything ran smoothly. By sending us photos of the work in progress, and being there to accept deliveries and allow other workers access to the house you made the process very easy for us. We especially want to thank Ashley for her wonderful design ideas, and Ray for the impeccable work he did to execute her designs. I also want to thank Steve Morrison personally for all of the phone calls and updates. It was so easy to get a hold of you whenever we needed to discuss this project. If we ever need any more work done, we will definitely be calling you. Working with you truly was simply amazing.

- Steven Stein
February 2021

"Simply Amazing"


Morrisons is the best! What started as replacing patio and front doors, lead to a remodeled bathroom, kitchen, and the creation of a home office. Steve, Ashley, Tom, Anna, John D and Les were amazing. They are responsive, professional and the work was impeccable. We couldn't have been happier. In the middle of a pandemic, all protocols were followed. We will be using them again! Highly, highly recommend.

Lauran Wexler
February 15, 2021

"Responsive, Professional & the Work was Impeccable!"


I have just completed a large renovation project on my 200 year old farm house. I needed a contractor who would do it all and help me improve this beautiful, but old home. I contacted MORRISON HOME IMPROVEMENT. From Start to finish, they have been "SIMPLY AMAZING!"

Steve Morrison is definitely involved with every aspect of the work and customer service is obviously a priority of the company. Steve went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with work and progress. His frequent calls to just "check in" were greatly appreciated.
Ashley and Anna were wonderful in the design center. They were knowledgeable, informative and a pleasure to work with. The kitchen, laundry room and baths are beautiful, and very much in keeping with my old home. Still old- but new again- brick chimneys exposed -pine floors that match other rooms - bathrooms that are all updated and beautiful!
The carpentry team (Steve and Brian) never missed a day. They would arrive at 7:00 AM and leave at 3:00. The project was uninterrupted and the attention to detail and craftsmanship superior. The tile work flawless. The Crown molding beautiful. The new pine floors are great. The old brick chimney exposed and repair brickwork done to perfection. The workmanship is very high quality. Steve and Brian were always pleasant, polite and extremely helpful.
I was also pleased with Steve Morrison's crews. His choice of electricians and plumbers were equally as dedicated and talented, friendly and extremely competent. His clean-up crews worked diligently. All of his workers were competent, polite and professional.
My project is complete. You have all been a pleasure to work with. The end result has far exceeded my expectations!!


Beth B.
February 2021



Just had 2 windows installed, guys did an excellent job. Very professional and thorough. I usually do not do the reviews and stuff but would say 100% satisfied with the whole experience you provided, best of all NO BS involved at any time.

Simply measure, price it out, order windows and install. Makes life easier to appreciate the job you do and did for me.

Thanks again.
Paul Monterosso
February 10, 2021

"Very Professional & Thorough"


Morrison's Home Improvement Specialists Dear Steve Morrison, Steve Blanchard, and subcontractors, We wanted to write you and thank you for a job well done. From the beginning to the end we were so impressed by all the "crew" that brought our house back to normal. Having a fire is particularly disruptive and upsetting and everyone seemed sensitive and extraordinarily attentive to the situation. Maybe that is always how you work, but in any event, we were very happy with the process and now with the final product. We appreciate the regular communication we received, fast responses to emails and phone calls, and the fast work. The final restoration is amazing and the clean up all along the way was excellent. Very professional and talented craftsmen. Thank you again for making this easy and bringing our lives back to some semblance of normalcy.

- Richard Rook
January 3, 2021

"Regular Communication & Fast Responses"


I have used many contractors in my 20+ years in the Berkshires. Morrison's is truly the "best of" from my experience. Steve is involved at every level of the process. The contract was clear and fairly priced. The workers were professional, talented, prompt, courteous and overall nice people to work with. We found unanticipated dry rot while replacing a sliding glass patio door and Steve he was able to flexibly adapt to the additional work, giving us good advice about options. And finally, they finished the job at a level above our expectation, cleaned up their debris and left our home with repairs and improvements that will last years. Thank you Steve Morrison and your crew!

-David and Susan B
December 28, 2020

"Truly the Best of the Best"


Peggy, myself & my daughter Christine are completely satisfied with the product and the workmanship. Even though we had a couple of minor hiccups-Charles & Jeff took care of them ASAP. I would highly recommend Morrison's to anyone needing home improvement. There is good reason why Morrison's is always number 1.

Tony & Peggy Rizzo
December 26, 2020

"Completely Satisfied!"


I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank the Morrison's team for their stellar work on getting our house resided. In the midst of the chaos of 2020, it was just such a pleasure working with you all. The team on site was friendly, respectful, good, and importantly this year, SAFE. They worked their tails off in freezing cold weather, dealt with some unplanned "discoveries" on our hold house when the old siding came off, and just solved every problem that emerged without issue (and more cheaply than we expected).

Morrison's has been our partner in home ownership in the Berkshires for the past 20 years, and I suspect will continue to be our "go-to" contractors for anything we might need for the next 20. I hope your team has a great holiday because they deserve it.

Henry N.
Lenox, Ma.
December 7, 2020

"Solved Every Problem that Emerged"


September 22, 2020

Dear Steve,
When we decided to contact Morrison's for our projects, we chose you because we wanted one contractor to do three projects. We initially wanted to re-side our house as it needed painting and we wanted to have more insulation. We also needed reconstruction of our front stoop and construction of a small landing at the back door.

We are pleased that Jeff suggested insulated windows over vinyl siding to get more R-value. The suggestions for the front stoop and the landing were spot-on.

Everything went well. The window installation went quickly. The new window over the kitchen sink visually opened the entire room. John did an excellent job reframing the opening left after the former windows were removed. Furthermore, I experienced minimal inconvenience while working from home.

The stoop and the landing came out better than I anticipated. The stoop feels solid, and with the new door, the front of the house presents itself better to the street. The landing in the back came out so well that I now wonder why we didn't do it earlier. Opening the back door now seems completely normal.

Please extend my thanks to everyone who worked on these projects. We couldn't be more pleased.


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Just a note to let you know how much we like the job you did on our front entrance. Your employees are polite and professional. They took great pains to save and restore our antique lamps. They pay attention to details and clean up their workspace when they finish. You definitely live up to your slogan, "No job big or small, we do it right or not at all." Couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks again,
Don & Sue Spiewak
October 1, 2020

"Attention to Detail"


As Robin and I relax in the living room of our newly purchased condominium unit at Rolling Hills, we felt compelled to convey our thanks to you in writing for the work you, Ashley and your workers performed in transforming this apartment.We purchased the apartment because of its location and the appearance and amenities of Rolling Hills, but the building in which it is located was built in 1976 and the apartment was like an antique in its original condition. By now, you know Robin and she immediately sought to update and renovate.

The amount of renovation was extensive and beyond our experience, but Ashley was able to guide us, make recommendations as to both décor and materials and assist us in visualizing the final appearance of the apartment.Work was to begin during the pandemic, and you were subject to a shutdown by order of Governor Baker. However, you commenced the work expeditiously when the order was lifted, and we were able to enjoy most of the summer in our new second home in Lenox.

The final product was simply beautiful. The two completely renovated bathrooms and new kitchen are not only functional but look like something one would see in a magazine. The hardwood flooring was brought back to life and the carpeting and window treatments finish the apartment beautifully. The new bathroom on the lower level, as well as the new downstairs closet, make that level comfortable and functional as well.

Finally, we were most impressed by the fact that when we noticed a minor problem after the work was completed and you were paid in full, you responded to our e-mail requesting assistance at 8:00 p.m. at night, immediately after our request, and the worker was here at 8:00 a.m. the next morning to rectify the problem.Thanks again for everything, and be well,

- Robin & Howard Sherman
September 2020

"The final product is simply beautiful."


We could not be happier with the work done on our house: a window-casing replacement and two ceiling patches. Since these were smaller jobs, we had trouble finding a contractor at first who would commit, but once we called Morrison's, we knew we had found the solution--for that job and anything in the future. They are not only large-scale builders, but also genuine *improvers* of any home. The quality of the work is superb, the price was reasonable, and the team was courteous, informative, and professional. Steve is also quite inviting and friendly and I enjoyed speaking with him about the project. I would highly recommend Morrison's!

- Chris Walker
May 2020

"Courteous, Informative & Professional"


Job almost finished !!!! I was trying to wait until the end to post my review but I'm so impressed I wouldn't want another day to go by without letting the world know how wonderful these guys are. If we could help someone else make that final decision of which contractor / company to go with look no further. Having experience with contractors over the past 20 years ,owning our own home ,from small projects to gutting our house (due to an electrical fire )I can tell you I have never seen such hard working men. They get the job done!!!Friendly, kind, helpful, and respectful to us and our property. They make a mess ,..by the end of the day you hardly know they were here. ...but aside from that if anyone ever had to deal with an insurance claim it can be a total nightmare. There aren't even enough thank you s and kind words to express how we feel towards STEVE MORRISON!! This guy not knowing us from a hole in the ground was kind and professional since the first call. 7 months!! YES 7 months you heard it right! When dealing with our insurance this guy never once gave up. He stood his ground and got us to where we are today. Steve is Professional and caring at the same time. When everyone else was to busy or not wanting to deal with our insurance this guy went beyond to get the job done. The first day of construction he even called to check in. Not once but twice to see if we were satisfied and happy!! Happy we are, and a job well done!!! The past year has been devastating for my family to say the least. No one can understand unless they have gone through something like this themselves. Steve has gave us hope again and definitely has earned are trust and respect. Thank you for sticking by us and getting the job done in such a professional manner and beyond. Thank you to your workers as well! If we ever need another home repair or project you will be the only one we call. Covid-19 be healthy and safe. Thank you!

- The Delisle's
May 2020

"Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value"


Home renovations are never much fun, but Morrison's has taken the pain out of the process for us. We felt we were in good hands from the moment we stepped into the showroom and met the friendly staff.

Once the permitting and ordering was done, the work progressed seamlessly, thanks to the team's coordination of carpentry, tiling, painting, plumbing, electrical and odd jobs associated with the project. Care was taken to make the project minimally invasive, and our home was treated respectfully, with end-of-day cleanup standard procedure.

As for the actual quality of the work, we couldn't have been happier with the results. Ray was truly a perfectionist, carefully assessing situations to avoid problems, and making good suggestions along the way. His workmanship is superb-he wouldn't rest until the result met with his satisfaction.

We were also pleased that the electrician and plumbers conformed to the same high standards that Steve Morrison insists on. It is clear to us that Steve, for all his good humor, runs a tight ship with regard to the work ethic and quality of workmanship he demands of his employees and subcontractors.

It was truly a pleasure to work with the Morrison team: Steve, Ray, Ashley, Anna, and Dean. We wish the team well and have only the highest praise for them.

Thank you for our beautiful bathroom- and for making the experience a pleasure, rather than a dreaded ordeal!

- Jack and Tania Deary
April 2020

"High Standards & Satisfaction"


Morrison's did a great job replacing a garden window in our kitchen and a bathtub and tile surround in our master bath. They had great suggestions. We had been concerned they might try to convince us to expand our project beyond just replacement, but did just what we wanted. Their crew was very able and professional. Thanks to Steve, Ashley and everyone.

- Jeffry Bradway
January 24, 2020

"Great Suggestions, Very Professional"


I have engaged Morrison's Home Improvement on a number of projects: replacing sliding doors, new roof, painting a deck. In each case the work they performed was highly professional and completed quickly, and where followup was needed they were responsive and quick to address. I have engaged other contractors who took forever to complete jobs. That wasn't the case with Morrison's, which is why I keep coming back to them. No one likes to deal with home repair, but I feel that I have a reliable partner with Morrison's. While I can't say I look forward to the next thing that needs attention with my house, I know I can reach out to Morrison's for excellent service.

- Nancy K.
August 2019

"Highly Professional & Completed Quickly"


I'm writing this to thank you and your team for a very successful and actually enjoyable (yes, I said that) renovation experience at our vacation home. Successful because it went according to plan and turned out great. Enjoyable because your team were a pleasure to work with. My whole family has been very impressed with the results and is excited to start enjoying the house and breaking it in.

I really don't think the job could have gone much more smoothly or turned out much better than it did. We have been through 4 significant renovations at our primary home, and none of them went as well overall. Your people were great and personable, the communication was clear, work quality was excellent, the timing proceeded on schedule and the cost was very straightforward and as expected - no surprises. As someone who has been a finish carpenter and handyman for the past 20 years - and is very detail­ oriented - I don't say that lightly. You earned it.

It killed me to be far away from the work and not be able to see the progress each day, but I was never disappointed with the small on-site choices made in my absence - they were almost always exactly what I would have done, or better. And while there is always a punch list of a few final finishing items, you and your crew took care of them quickly.

When we bought the house last November, we knew we wanted work done, and were in a hurry so we could open the house for the spring. But we were also new to the area and had to start from scratch finding a contractor. We got your name from our realtor, who had heard of you but had never used you. We were going to interview a few different contractors, but after meeting with you and some of your team, I felt the fit was right. So we rolled the dice and hired you for the job, hoping we were making the right choice. We're so glad we did.

The job covered many different parts of the house, from completely reimagining the master bathroom/closet, to reconfiguring bedrooms to creating a new bathroom under the stairs. I had some ideas and rough sketches of what I thought would work. Your team made it all happen and beautifully. Steve Blanchard, as Project Manager was a great resource for translating the original vision into a concrete contract and estimate, and was very helpful all along the way. His communication and follow-up was excellent. Ashley was amazing and took a huge load off of me. Not only was she incredibly helpful at sourcing and recommending items and suppliers, she also kept track of everything on spreadsheets - something I always had to do myself when working with other contractors in the past. She and Anna also had great ideas about the many different choices to be made, and it was fun to bounce possibilities back and forth with them.

That leaves Steve Nickles, who was the lead carpenter or foreman of the actual work on-site. I can't tell you how much I appreciate Steve's standard of quality and attention to detail. The carpentry and tile work were impeccable. As I said, I'm very picky about detail, and I struggled to find things that I wasn't happy with. Steve is the kind of person who cautions that something might not be possible, then proceeds to do it anyway, and with excellence. That is so refreshing in a field where there are many big-talkers that don't deliver.

Your price was fair, your team did great work and kept the job moving, and the end result is fabulous. What's not to like? Keep doing what you're doing, and thank you again for a job well done, from start to finish.

- Tom and Laura Hay
May 18, 2020

"Fair Price, Great Work & End Result is Fabulous!"


I needed work done on a property where a tenant's bathroom floor was beginning to rot and cave in. The issue became serious very quickly and we needed it replaced immediately. We had used Morrison's in the past for exterior work on the home and they had a fantastic job so I figured they would be the right person to call for the bathroom and I was right.
Morrisons was incredibly quick with their responses and beyond professional. They got me a quote and got the job done within two weeks, something we desperately needed. Stephanie in the office is always easy to reach and great to work with. Steve does great work with a great crew. Would highly recommend for any job that you have that needs a high skilled and professional construction crew.

- Jacob M

"Incredible to Work With"


After much consideration we chose Morrison's home improvement to be our contractor for a new deck and a new kitchen.
We started with the deck in October 2017 thinking we knew exactly the design we wanted, but after talking with Steve and Brian, our on-site contractors, we went with an entirely different design. The decking and the railing were so well crafted that we did not have to make even one change. This was due to a variety of suggestions by Steve and Brian for which we are very grateful.
In January of 2018 we started with a new kitchen, including new cabinets, back-splash, counter tops, and flooring. Any questions we asked, they were already one step ahead of us and had the work done the way we needed it. Their tile working and grouting is flawless and beautiful. The new flooring was laid in a day and then covered in heavy paper for its protection. The finished kitchen is exactly how we pictured it and crafted beautifully.
Steve and Brian arrived every morning on time, worked all day long sometimes without lunch and when they left they cleaned up, everything indoors and out was spotless. We so appreciate all their hard work and craftsmanship. We recommend Morrison's Home Improvement when one has a need for a contractor.

- Philip A

"Flawless and Beautiful"


Morrison's have just completed a large renovation project for me. Throughout the process, It has been a real pleasure working with a company that provides such professional, informed, and courteous service in every capacity. Steve, the owner, is eminently approachable and involved with the satisfaction of his clients; his follow-up phone calls were appreciated. Jeff, in sales, is at all times entirely accessible and helpful; John, who came to assess the job specifications, and who supervised the project, inspired confidence from the beginning, and saw the work through to its flawless completion. The carpentry team were unfailing in their thoroughness and preoccupation with perfection. Most importantly--to me, at least--they were without exception polite, friendly, forthcoming when questioned, and genuinely concerned about my requirements, understanding of, and comfort with the ongoing work. I am also very impressed with the company's prompt scheduling (Ashley and Stephanie went out of their way to accommodate my needs), and by the uninterrupted progress; the project was completed in three successive (uninterrupted) days. The work is beautiful and far exceeds my expectations. I will not hesitate to use Morrison's again; in fact, I have so much confidence in them that I have already made arrangements with them for more renovation. I recommend them without qualification.

- Lisa B

"Polite, Friendly, Forthcoming & Genuine"


What an amazing product! I had done some research into local contractors and the window products they offered. After an extremely disappointing trip to Home Depot... talk about terrible customer service and cheap products, I was blown away by the product line Morrison's carries. Mr. Morrison was very knowledgeable and informative, and his window demonstration was such a selling point. Now having the windows in for a few months I can attest to the efficiency of the windows. My house has stayed so much cooler in the summer heat. I cannot wait to see what the winter brings.

- Tina S

"Knowledgeable and Informative"


Morrison's Home Improvement installed a new GAF Timberline HD roof this past fall on our wooded summer home in the Berkshires. We also contracted them to install a replacement wood stove chimney system. We found everyone associated with Morrison's to be responsive, attuned to our needs, excellent at explaining details and superior at their craftsmanship. All of the staff (sales, field and office) were a pleasure to work with (every company should be this way!). The craftspeople showed up promptly, protected the perimeter of the property and did a beautiful job with the installation. The clean up process was perfect, too. Top to bottom, they're a terrific company to deal with, and right here in Western Mass. And now... we enjoy the security of a new roof, a safe chimney and compliments from friends! Thanks Morrison's!

- Stan W

"Superior at their Craftsmanship"


I have hired and used Morrison's for majority of my home remodeling needs. Having previously hired another contractor for work on my home in lenox, and being extremely disappointed and taken advantage of, I was very hesitant and lacking trust in hiring any other contractors in the area. Fully licensed and insured, Steve guaranteed his work. His workers were very professional and he pulled permits and sent me updates and photos throughout the entire process. The quality of completed work was everything I had hoped for and more. I have since only used Morrison's and will continue to use only them in the future. Thank you Steve and crew.

- Elaine M

"Very Professional"


Thank you so much for our amazing bathroom! The rest of the house is jealous. They turned sad and drab in to fresh and beautiful! I appreciated the individual care and attention from everyone. Steve, Ashley, Anna, Kelly and John D. Thank you so much for our classy and cool new bathroom!

- Sarah G

"Classy & Cool New Bathroom"


To Steve and the entire Staff:
Thank you very much for being so much more than just our general contractor. I cannot express my pleasure enough from start to finish and everything in-between. We chose to have our work done while we were in FL for the winter because we did not want to live through the noise, mess, and inconvenience of not having a kitchen or master bathroom; we had the wood floors refinished too and that is an entire mess in and of itself. Any second homeowner who thinks they have to be around to micromanage any type or scale of remodeling should speak to me; it is not at all necessary when you have a superior, trustworthy contractor like Steve. We had complete trust and confidence in you and your crew before we left for the winter. The communication between us was constant with emails, photos, and phone calls. Questions and concerns were answered immediately and anything that was important to us was just as important to you, no matter how small or large an issue. Everything came out beautifully and if something did not meet our expectations, it beat our expectations. Each crew focused on the details and it shows in the quality of the workmanship. We expected to come back to a very beautiful but dirty house, understandable with the amount of work we had done. That did not happen. Even the cleaning crew did an exceptional job and we did not have any dust from the floors being refinished on both floors. That is remarkable! We will recommend you to everyone who needs any work done and will use you for everything we need done in the future. So glad we found you! Thank you again for a very easy and rewarding experience.

- Rhea W
September 2018

"Exceptional Job"


I hired Morrison's to add an addition onto my home. When Steve did the initial walk thru he advised me to take down an existing wall and make it one large open space in conjunction with the addition. What a visionary and boy what a difference did it make. My home felt enormous, far from the cramped space I previously dealt with. Steve's crew were very clean, fast, and extremely friendly. Customer service is obviously a priority to the company. the work accomplished was more than what I hoped for and has now added value to my home. I highly recommend this company and plan to use them again in the future.

- William R

"Clean, Fast & Friendly"


Our bathroom renovation was just completed and came out fantastic. The work was all done in a timely, professional manner and they worked with us to allow us to still use parts of the bathroom throughout the project. We look forward to using Morrison's for future projects.

- Mike R

"Fantastic Bathroom Renovation"


Had them remove and install a new bay window in our 1970's Berkshire home. Great window with great professionalism and good price. Good follow-up to complete the last few pieces. Would be happy to use them again. Small enough to talk with the owner of the company. Large enough to get large jobs done well.

- Gerald T

"Great Professionalism & Good Pricing!"


Dear Steve,

Thanks for following up and making sure the siding repairs were completed per our agreement.

- Lilian M

"Thank you!"


I highly recommend Morrison's! We replaced our old windows with them. Jeff came day of to speak with me about options. He spent time going over every detail thoroughly. The process was easy and fast even with a pandemic occurring. The workers we're friendly and polite. The work at the end of the day was A+.

- Tara Melling Ratzel

"Friendly & Polite"


Thank you for a great roof replacement. The job went perfectly - not one complaint. Start up and finish was on time - even quicker then expected.
The crew never stopped working. They cleaned up and kept singing as they worked - very much appreciated. We blinked and the job was done.
We now look forward to "having a roof over our head" for a long time to come. We will definitely recommend Morrison Home Improvement to all our friends and neighbors.

- Lorrin Kantor and Andrew Krouss

"Job went perfectly!"


Our bath room turn out beautiful. Thanks guys. Great job John

- Dorothy E

"Beautiful Bathroom"


A tree came down on my house and took down my power line during a recent storm in the Berkhires. I called Steve Morrison and he immediately took charge of the problem, sending a crew to repair my house and arrange for an electrician to repair the power line connection to the house, as was required by the power company before they will come out and reattach the power line to the pole. Without his help, I would have been without power for a lot longer than I was, because carpenters and electricians were busy throughout the Berkshires repairing the wide-spread damage from the storm. Although we still had to wait 4 days for National Grid to restore the power, Steve had our house back in order and ready for the utility technicians within 12 hours after the tree fell. The peace of mind Steve provided made the rest of the inconvenience of having no electricity much more tolerable.

Steve and his crew and do excellent work as we learned previously when he renovated our 1892 house. But, knowing that in an emergency they are responsive, friendly and extremely competent is, as the commercial says, "priceless". Thank you, Morrison Home Improvement.

- Bob W.

"Excellent Work"


Dear Steve,

We just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the experience with Morrison's Home Improvement. From the start to the completion of the job, service was great, whenever we had a question, it was answered promptly.

Jeff in sales did a great job, looked at the project and gave his opinion at would be the best course to add new windows, they came out great.

The installers also did a great job, they were on time, did efficient work and kept the work site very clean and were professional.

The work was done to our expectations and above, it was a great working experience with Morrison's. You should be very pleased how well you and your staff worked to keep the customer informed and pleased. Thanks again a job well done.

Thank you,

-Sue & Mike - Pittsfield, Ma

"Always Answers"


Dear Steve,

I love my kitchen! The design, floor, cabinets hardware, counter and back-splash all come together and make a much more functional, efficient, and beautiful space.

Steve and Brian did an amazing job pulling this together. They came to work everyday with positive attitudes and ready to work hard.

Steve is a talented craftsman. His attention to detail and desire to see job to fruition indicated his high standards for work with his name on it.

We were so fortunate to have him lead our reno with Brian assisting.

Maybe we will see them again!!!

With sincere gratitude,

- Liz

"Great Barrington"